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The Deadeye is a Ranged Damage dealing class with plenty of utility and mobility. between their skills they have a multitude of options and have 21 total skills and utilizing up to 16 skills.

You can choose from eleven Pistol Stance Skills and you are able to always choose 8 of them which make up half of Lost Ark Gold your arsenal. The rest is divided between the 5 Rifle Stance and 5 Shotgun Stance Skills, which you can each use four of.

A lot of their mobility can be found in their pistol abilities. Between Dexterous Shot and Somersault Shot and the first portion of Enforce Execution it leaves them with many mobility choices. The Pistol is also where they can practice their two skills using the Weakness Exposure Tripod. This is a key aspect of the class and general playing at parties. This debuff is known as an Party Synergy Skill and will be discussed in the future.

Many of Deadeye's Stagger options are found inside these Shotgun Stance skills and Tripods However, there are excellent options available in the Pistol skills too. Shotgun Stance is also the stance that deals most of the damage for the Enhanced Weapon Build. The Pistoleer's Engraving also grants bonuses to damage and Stagger to balance both in this manner.

These Rifle Stance Skills, unfortunately they are a filler skill when leveling, and are even included in it's Enhanced weapon build. It has decent options for adding Stagger and Weakpoint options that can be accessed within Tripods However, other abilities tend to perform these better.

Since that the Rifle Stance Skills has long slow animations and are primarily long-range skills that are not widely used because of Deadeye's close-range playstyle in Cheapest Lost Ark Gold PvE. However, they're much better suited for PvP because everything is equalized, and you'll get longer cooling times and more ranged options.

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