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I'm not quite sure what I should do however, and OSRS gold really, I'm just looking for something that is a priority. I'm done PvPing, until Jagex can fix the PJ system, and so PvM is what I'll go.

I've seen the soak-related damage and, honestly, it doesn't amuse me. This is the main reason why I'm in the direction of Elysian. (14 percent Soak -200. E.g. 300 hits can only be soaked 14 dmg. 14% soak is the "20 20 % soak" as is stated in the KB.

If I've not already mentioned this, once I've gotten Elysian, I'll be dunging until 99 and possibly even 120. If you say "BUT I DID NOT SUCCESS 120!" As I've said that this is a long term objective. 1-2 years. I'm just wondering about the opinions of. Would like some reasons for either, not just an "ELY" and "99 DUNG" comment. That's why I'm seeking a reason which aren't an exact answer. Sorry if I've confused you Feel free to write anything/PM me about this.

Thank you for your help. I'll replace the toktz-ket-xil with a dragon defender as well as dharok's body, since guthan's body offers the same defense value however it is less expensive. Yes, I'll be saving up for the Fury...

Are there any other suggestions? I'd gladly take em. If you want that 77 str to 80str., you won't be able to achieve it using a whip. I recommend a sword called saradomin (ss), or in the event that you don't have the funds, then a d scimmy/d defender set. If you're not going to or aren't able to yet do the monkey madness quest, I recommend either a brac blade or a d-long If you're struggling to cheap OSRS GP come up with the funds.

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